Monster Smash


Logo, Identity, Web-site, Print

This project has been created in 2017 for Rosin Press. The client has decided to enter the market with a brand consonant to the famous comic book - Monster Smash and has set the task to create a bright image in style of animation. I love such tasks, they allow to include imagination on full force. At first several characters of monsters have been drawn: Vampire, Frankenstein and blot. The logo was the stylized inscription to which one of characters was put. It has turned out here so:

After some debate the client has asked to keep characters for the subsequent work. And to integrate the stylized image of the press into a logo. It has turned out here so:

Characters of monsters have been used as additional, motivational and auxiliary images. I have developed actions of these characters. The result became quite amusing:

Also creation of some images for t-shirts and caps was a task. The client has decided to use characters not only classical but also modern. For a t-shirt I have drawn the known frame from the movie of Terminator:

And several cheerful images:

At present the trademark undergoes reintegration for other products. And I hope that he will appear floating around the Internet again soon. 

This work on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/60314187/Monster-Smash